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By developing our trading algorithm, we managed to execute automatic trading operations between various exchange houses (centralized and / or decentralized). …

What is Tokenfair?

It is a platform for investing in promising projects.The platform combines both convenience and security.We offer new projects reliable and fast work,and investors with proven and promising projects.


The investor will be able to turn money on our platform using the erc 20 protocol. Part of the allocation will be…


The EFX token is mainly focused on Trading Platform (Proof of Volume) and POS (Proof of Stacking) where user can do trading by it and exchange it in cryptocurrency is widely accepted all around the globe and EFX is providing blockchain service with some basic features like security, scalability, and…

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) industry is maturing over time with new innovations and new products hitting the markets. Newcomers are learning from the mistakes of old players by fine-tuning their applications with better security and new features. What still lacks is the accessibility to common man, non-crypto users. For them, managing…

junca Platform

junca platform is aiming at helping the Asian economy through financial services such as international money transfer, foreign currency, crypto asset exchange and on/offline payment. junca platform will facilitate use case to contribute to society through donations and scholarship projects.

Details of juncaplatform

The junca platform provides fintech and crypto services to enable…


Blockchain technology has brought about many new ways for investors to earn yields. In most cases, the returns on cryptocurrency far exceed those offered by traditional financial institutions. However, many platforms offer yields that are simply unsustainable, with assets based on nothing. …

DeFi zone aims to provide stability to the crypto world, protecting investors from scams, stolen funds and drastic devaluations of crypto portfolios .

Next-gen Blockchain Dashboards.

We are building applications that help crypto communities generate fully functional blockchain dashboards for their favorite tokens.

DFZ token is the heart of this ecosystem, built on…


NFTs are a hot topic right now since its current market boom, Although the market for digital items and goods is still at the infant stage. For many years monopolies and international entities take advantage of creators/Artists/Photographers, This creates a huge barrier of entry. For example, traditionally, they’d have to…


One of the main problems in the iGaming industry is the lack of transparency and, as a result, users distrust of traditional applications and online games. With blockchain, you can provide complete transparency, secure storage of user funds and non custodial gambling. This explains the growing popularity of gaming decentralized…

Coolswap(COOL) will be listed on April 16th at 20:00(KST).

Trading Pair : COOL/KRW

About Coolswap (COOL) :



ChainX exchange official Medium.

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